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Here are some services we specialize in.

Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Curb Rash? No problem, we specialize in all things wheel repair.

We offer same day service which includes cosmetic touch ups and minor repairs. This can save customers time and money since the wheels do not need to go through the full reconditioning process.

CWS has a full-service reconditioning facility. Our production is running 24 hours a day with three shifts to ensure fast turnaround. The first step in our reconditioning process is to straighten the wheel and strip it to raw aluminum. The wheel is then powder coated with primer and painted with a liquid to match the OE color. If required, the wheel is machined on a precision CNC lathe to obtain the two-tone effect of many OE wheels. Finally, the wheel is powder coated with a clear coat to protect from corrosion. This process will result in wheels looking as close to new as possible!

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Custom Powder Coating

Customizing your wheels to your personal taste.

Schedule an appointment with Chicago Wheel Service to upgrade the finish on your wheels! We stock dozens of colors to ensure that our customer’s wheels stand out. We also have access to thousands of additional colors to satisfy everyone’s personal taste. Purple wheels? Two tone finishes? No problem.

We have been providing unique custom finishes for years. Whether you’re looking for something one of a kind or just a standard powder coated wheel, Chicago Wheel Service can cater to almost every need!

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PVD Chroming

Our PVD coating is extremely durable.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating replicates the chrome look without the downfalls that often occur from typical wear and tear of chrome wheels such as peeling and pitting. PVD chrome is a more durable option that can withstand all seasons, including the harsh Midwest winters! PVD coating is a more economical option compared to chrome wheels because they can be reconditioned easily unlike chrome which is difficult and costly.

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Wheel Sales, Repairs & Powder Coating


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